RESTUBE lifeguard

RESTUBE lifeguard is only suitable for trained professional lifeguards.

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RESTUBE lifeguard

RESTUBE lifeguard was developed in close cooperation with the SLRG (Swiss lifeguards) & lifeguards from DLRG (Germany), Wasserwacht (Germany) & RNLI (UK). RESTUBE is official “Safety Partner” and supplier of SLRG. The first casualty was rescued with RESTUBE lifeguard by a Swiss lifeguard out of a river. RESTUBE lifeguard is so small that you can always carry it with you in service. It also does not take a lot of space abord or in the car.

RESTUBE lifeguard is only suitable for trained professional lifeguards. If you have any questions or ideas feel free to contact us:

RESTUBE lifeguard: A powerful buoy to rescue others

The full inflated buoy has a buoyancy of 75N, which is over 7 kg of lift. Placing the casualty over the buoy, similar to a rescue tube, it helps you to keep his head above water. RESTUBE lifeguard can de-escalate situations in seconds. The buoy can also be oral inflated. After use you can restore it back into the small pocket. You can wave with the buoy, to call somebodies attention.

Small-sized, light-weight and reusable

REUSABLE by screwing in a new cartridge. The certified 16g CO2 cartridges are salt water proof, have a 100% checked filling level and a trigger cap that matches perfect to the certified trigger.








Quick release

The 50mm belt has a quick release buckle. If the lifeguard wants to release immediately from the buoy, like in some situations in rivers, he can pull the deconector which splits you off the buoy

Knee points at the buoy

The RESTUBE lifeguard buoy has two knee points. So you can wrap the buoy around the casualty and stabilize him. The closing system can be adjusted in size depending on the size of the casualty.




Reflective tape

The buoy has a refeflective tape. It give you mobetter visibility in darkness.




100% quality.

ENGINEERED IN GERMANY is every single detail of RESTUBE. By our close cooperations with universities, our ambassadors and professional lifesavers we are constant improving the RESTUBE technology according to the needs of the users.


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